When I first began this blog, I didn’t expect it to be such a personal learning tool or that it would help shape such an incredible community of readers and friends.

It was once a way for me to document my thoughts, vent my frustrations, and figure out my life as I began to navigate adulthood. What it has led to is an ability to take a closer look at life — at myself, document my past in order to gain a better appreciation of my present while looking forward to my future, and, most importantly, form incredible, lasting connections with those who are sharing this adventure with me.

Yep. That means you.

– The Archives –

As of 2014, the blog has moved to my personal/professional website, SusanPogorzelski.com. While the majority of the posts will remain here as an archive on twenty(or)something, all active writings, including select fiction pieces, will be hosted on the new site.

– The Person –

I’m Susan, a (now) thirty-something hailing from south-central Pennsylvania with a BA in English. I have an insatiable curiosity and love of learning — about life and about the world.

I’m a thinker, a believer, and very much a dreamer. Passionate about writing and history, I love learning about the past in order to better understand the present, and I believe that travel can teach you as much about the world as it can about yourself. I love dogs — especially big dogs, the kind you can really wrap your arms around — and am convinced that the love of a dog is a gift to be treasured.

My gift? A little, loveable (and sneaker-chewing) mutt named Riley:

I could list everything I love, but that would take a thousand words, so instead I’ll mention some things that I don’t:

  • lima beans
  • tomatoes
  • thousand-piece puzzles
  • Monopoly
  • coffee
  • running
  • Faulkner

But, then again, I do believe in second chances…

Except maybe for Faulkner. He had his chance.

– The Blog  –

This blog is a blend of everything that I am, and yet all that I am is still undefinable. It’s a small corner of my soul, of my heart, which has yet the capacity for so much more. It’s a piece of my world, and yet my world is ever-expanding as I grow, journey, and change.

Welcome to twenty(or)something: a blend of personal and career development with a mix of creativity and reminiscence.

– what you’re saying –

If there’s anyone in this world with the soul of a writer, it’s you. If there’s anyone who can take the beauty of the world all around us and bring it to life with ink on paper, it’s you.” – Josh, 10/31/08

“Susan, Thanks for sharing this part of your journey with the world. It’s a great model of taking a leap, of being brave and of the writer’s job of sharing it with others. You’ve done a great job in life and on the blog and I know you will soar even more after this journey.” – Cynthia, 11/17/08

“Whatever you lack in terms of height, you make up for with spunk.” – Bret, 12/22/08

“I love your writing style. It’s like I’m getting lost in a story.” – Jun, 03/05/09

“Meeting people like you and reading your blog reminds me that I’m not alone and we’re all in this together. Thank you so much for sharing.” – Ruby, 4/9/09

“Every post you make, every battle with the universe, every step forward when you want to hide in a corner shows us your strength. You inspire me to fight through my doubts, misgivings and self criticism with your words.” – Ken, 1/21/10

“After reading your posts, Susan, I disagree. You DO know life, better than most folks do; most people sail thru it barely paying attention whereas you take the time to actually experience and – gasp – try to learn from it. Your writing continues to inspire – great work!” – Bryan, 5/24/10

“I’m thinking that banking is totally the wrong field for you. Someone who can write like this should be able to share their gift with the world!”- Sam, 4/26/10

“Every conversation I’ve had with you and every post you’ve written – one things resounds. You appreciate where you’ve came from, where you are, and where you’re going.” – Matt, 12/2/10

Tonight, we drink to youth.

This blog is meant for personal purposes only. All content — including views and experiences — written on its pages belong to me unless otherwise stated and do not represent the views of any employer, group, or other individual.