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Love Infinity

Hush, now.

Quell the fears,
quiet the tears,
and silence the whispers
that threaten defeat,

this hum everlasting,
you’re never enough.

“You’ll never find —
you’ll never last —
you’ll never be —

you’ll never succeed.”

Remember love?
It was times infinity,
this song that you wrote
upon ancient parchment,
waxing in an Edenic script
that calls for purpose and promises.

Do you remember love?
Now it’s blended and blurred,
the ink so smudged
it’s hard to recall
anything was ever written there at all.

Remember faith?
Existing in quiet utopian myth,
a waking dream where innocence lasts
longer than the ever after,
where answers are whispered
under winter skies
without a word spoken.


Do you remember faith?
You followed blindly —
a path that spiraled past
the waters where Lethe flattered
and you flirted
and we wept that you
might remember us at all.

Remember hope?

Perched on the soul,
do you remember hope at all?

Hush, now…

Hush —

and quiet the tears;
do you hear?

a tune that stirs the soul,
and shepherds the lost,
and wakens the listless,

this hum everlasting,

remember me?

– Susan Pogorzelski
December 12, 2011

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