(Guest Post) Knowledge Beyond Walls

by Susan Pogorzelski on April 12, 2011 · 11 comments



 The blogging bubble is going to burst (if it hasn’t already).

People are either consuming things for their artistic value or to consume knowledge. Whether it is on iPhones, iPads, computer screens or actual books and binders – consumption of knowledge and beauty won’t go away. These different consumptions satisfy the same need to fulfill intrinsic values.  

It’s all about whether these mediums satisfy those appetites properly. Blogging doesn’t necessarily do that, but good writing does. There’s a tendency to confuse the medium with the real thing it’s supposed to produce. Television doesn’t necessarily equal good entertainment, but good entertainment comes in all forms.

So, in the universe of the blogging revolution, is there an evolution towards paid content?  While everyone can get information, knowledge is becoming a privilege for the paying few.

Knowledge is no longer just access, but requires special connections. I may not pay for anything Guy Kawasaki writes, but I’ve already plunked down $25 to purchase Penelope Trunks’s book on soul searching.

Walls are going up. Is this a good thing? It granted everyone access to the information. But, were they discovering knowledge?

Now, we are going back to special kinds of access – the kind you may have to pay for. I think we are back where we started – when access was selfish.

So perhaps my career is stunted because I am selfish. And, to have a good career you cannot be selfish. I am not selfish all the time, however. I am generous in other ways, but perhaps with the wrong things. The F had to practically beg me to advertise my editing services. I tried that for a while, but it was unnecessary.

I don’t give copy editing advice. The tons of email I’ve received come from people despising their boss or wanting to know how to escape a horrible job. No one is asking me how to pitch freelance stories to magazines or when to use commas in a wordy sentence. My first and last gig doing editing work turned into a nightmare ghost writing job.

Does the value in your content start with how generous you are or how selfish you can be??



About the Author: Raven Moore is a writing and editing professional living in Chicago, IL. She blogs about lifestyle and career at The Writerbabe Series. You can find her on twitter or spending time correcting old typos in her blog posts.


Raven is taking part in a two-month guest series featuring writers across the blogosphere here on twenty(or)something while this blog takes a brief hiatus. Want to chat? Email me at twentyorsomething [at] gmail.com or say hi on Twitter!


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