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(Guest Post) Change Your Sheets, Love Yourself

Loving and accepting yourself for who you truly are can be an arduous task that many attempt at conquering, and few have enough patience to fully master. When I decided to make my first attempt, I became frustrated. “But, where do I start?” I pleaded with myself. “How do I start?” I rephrased the question, hoping it would yield a quicker response. With no luck, I wished at that very moment for a time machine to take me ten years down the road, so I could meet 29-year-old me—a happy and wise brunette who would easily come up with an original and life-altering answer to my question.

Oh, if only it were that easy.

I read articles, books, and watched videos on how to acquire complete self-satisfaction. As informed as I was, I felt a little skeptical. Writers on the topic of self-acceptance would happily chime in with their own tips, but my cynical side was quick to question. “Could someone genuinely be that happy?” It seemed impossible to me until I realized an important element that I was subconsciously blocking out and forgetting to prioritize.

I should clean my room, I immediately thought.  And with that spontaneously resurrected idea, I spent over an hour organizing my possessions and dusting unvisited corners of my room. I changed my bed sheets, I did my laundry, and I transformed my messy room into a safe and welcoming haven. Not too long after that, I changed my life for the better. I realized that completing a task as simple as washing my bed sheets would lead to genuine feelings of happiness. Is it really that easy?

Yes, it really is.

Now, I want all of you to do the same. Think of something you’ve always wanted to accomplish or complete that you’ve been putting off. It doesn’t have to be anything major; something as simple as reading the front page of The New York Times everyday will lead to self-appreciation and happiness.

I’ve come to realize that we’re holding ourselves back from self-adoration. We’re keeping ourselves from truly enjoying life. We all have to-do lists, may they be mental or tangible, and it’s up to us to follow through and cross-off each and every one of those goals, following successful completion. After conquering one task, you’ll feel amazed as to how effortlessly you’ve accepted to take on a task you wouldn’t have imagined successfully crossing-off your list weeks ago.

Now, imagine yourself after completing a particular task. Try to experience how you would feel at that exact moment.  I guarantee that after completing what you’ve wanted to complete, you’ll feel happy with your decision and with yourself. You’ll discover your true capabilities and surprise yourself. Seriously, who ever feels regretful after a good work out or after finishing up a six page paper days before it’s due? It’s a domino effect; accomplishing several tasks will lead to sincerely happy feelings, which will then lead to self-discovery. Let feelings of gratification and invincibility flood your insides!

I always keep a to-do list near to remind me of what I have to do for the day. You’ll feel better about yourself after working on your to-do list. Take it from me—a reformed pessimist—and create your own list filled with all of your desired short-term and long-term goals. Go ahead, read The New York Times, change your bed sheets, cook an exotic dish, go jogging—allow yourself to live a happier life and finally experience living in the moment.  Take a step closer to total self-appreciation.


About the Author: Grace Gavilanes is an aspiring magazine editor, teacher, mentor, and bakery owner. She has many outlandish dreams and goals on her to-do list, and has every intention in making each of them come true! She loves to help and inspire others through her blog posts and spontaneous verbal ramblings at Paranoid Android. This college sophomore also enjoys cooking fun dishes, dancing in her room to relieve unnecessary stress, and lives by the saying: “Be the best you, you can be!” Welcome Grace to Twitter @gracegavilanes or find her on Facebook!

Grace is taking part in a two-month guest series featuring writers across the blogosphere here on twenty(or)something while I take a brief hiatus to focus on upcoming projects. Want to participate? Email me at twentyorsomething[at] or say hi on Twitter!

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