Awakening To An Embrace

by Susan Pogorzelski on December 2, 2010 · 11 comments

Like some of my favorite blogging friends, I’m taking part in #Reverb10, a blogging initiative that provides prompts every day for the month of December with the intent of reflecting on the past year and looking forward to what’s to come. While I can’t promise that I’ll be rising to the challenge of blogging every day, reflecting on the past for future growth is pretty much in this blog’s description, and so I was eager and excited to become a part of this movement.

Going forward, posts that are a part of this challenge will be tagged appropriately, so look for more throughout this next month. Are you taking part? Let me know! I’d love to see your own reflections and words on how you’d like to manifest positive change in the coming year.


 The Prompt

“Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?”

Last year, after a few personally rough emotional years, I vowed that things would be different, and with that vow, my life began to slowly transform. Without even realizing it, 2009 had turned into a year of healing — in more ways than one. Old wounds that had been left wide open began to disappear, with barely a scar as a reminder of what once was, while a heart that had been firmly guarded shut began to open to possibility and promise. It was a time of renewal, it was a time of discovery, it was a time of moving on.

When 2010 rolled around, I thought long and hard on what I wanted to accomplish during these next twelve months, what I wanted my personal theme to be; one word kept echoing: awakening.

And an awakening it was to be. Even I can’t quite believe what a difference a year can make, what has occurred between then and now and how much I have changed in just this short span of time: I’ve recovered from an illness; I’ve been happily employed and promoted within a year; I’ve nurtured friendships old and new, worked on creative projects, seen my name published in print; I’ve bought a house.

I’ve come into my own in so many ways…

But most importantly, I’ve found myself again. I’ve reawakened that part of myself that has always found beauty and passion in everything — everything. I’ve rediscovered that girl who thrives on independence but values the comfort of those she holds dearest, the woman who knows her heart is sensitive, but can find a strength there just the same.

A rediscovery. A reawakening of the self.

With so many changes occurring in just the past year, it’s hard to imagine what this next year could have in store. But I’m ready for it, eagerly awaiting it all — the beauty, the lessons, the challenges, the triumphs — with open arms.

And so, as this year begins to draw to a close, I’ve chosen my word, my theme, for 2011:


Embrace those dreams that light a fire in your soul.

Embrace the beauty of a life that you can call your very own.

Embrace love in all of its many, varied forms.

Embrace this moment, this journey, this life.

Embrace it all.


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Matt Cheuvront December 2, 2010

Very, very well said, Susan. Every conversation I’ve had with you and every post you’ve written – one things resounds. You appreciate where you’ve came from, where you are, and where you’re going. Embrace is a perfect word to describe the year ahead.

I hope all is well – would love to catch up sometime soon and I look forward to reading your posts for #reverb10.


Susan Pogorzelski December 3, 2010

Thanks, Matt! As you know, I’m very much an advocate for reflection — I think we can learn a lot about ourselves by looking at our pasts and think it’s a shame that we forget and ignore so easily everything we’ve been through and learned. Everything is a learning opportunity, if you choose to find the lesson in it.

Really glad to see your #reverb10 posts on your site! Good luck with everything in the new year, and, yes, let’s set up a Skype chat soon! 🙂


Rebecca December 2, 2010

I am so glad things are going well for you – I have definitely sensed the uplift from you over the last couple years – here’s to the better days continuing!


Susan Pogorzelski December 3, 2010

Thanks so much, Rebecca. I’m absolutely amazed by how much a difference a little time can make. It’s been a rocky road, but I’m glad to have found myself, looking forward to embracing that more. Congratulations on all the changes in your life as well — I’m so happy to hear that everything is going well for you. Sometime soon, I’ll have to make it down to DC!


Becky December 2, 2010

I love it!


Susan Pogorzelski December 3, 2010

Thanks, Becky! Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday! 🙂


Farouk December 6, 2010

amazing post especially that 2011 is on doors now , thank u:)


Susan Pogorzelski December 20, 2010

Thanks Farouk 🙂 Here’s looking forward to 2011!


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