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Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!


Last year — exactly last year — my mom called me early in the morning, her tone upbeat and full of cheer.

“Your birthday’s tomorrow!” she sang into the phone. Wasn’t I excited?

“Yeah,” I had replied.

Then I burst into tears.

I cried a lot last year. A LOT. It was a year of turmoil and change, marked by strong emotion, hindered by fear.

But through those tears emerged an acceptance. And from that acceptance came an understanding. And from that understanding grew a strength I never realized was possible.

Last year, I vowed that things would change — I would start over, start fresh. As I celebrated my birthday, I found a subtle transformation was occurring, and as the year passed and more changes took place, I found how much I was changing, too.

This year, as I celebrate my birthday, I’m also celebrating what this past year has brought me: adventure in the form of a dream come true, opportunities in the form of a passion revisited, a rediscovery of who I am as a twenty-something, as an adult, as a person.

It has brought me a greater appreciation for everything I have in my life.

This year brought me you.

Yes, each and every one of you who have been along for this crazy ride, supported and encouraged, offered insight and perspectives, sharing a part of yourselves in the process.

You’ve made me smile, you’ve made me laugh, you’ve pulled me out of dark moments and helped me look at situations from a fresh angle. You’ve helped me realize that life is about appreciating the little moments and celebrating our small successes, our greatest joys.

So tomorrow as I celebrate my birthday, I’ll also be celebrating you.


As my way of giving back to those who have been on this journey with me, I’m offering a giveaway for a (very small) prize pack.

I’ve realized over this past year the power of positive thinking and just how true it is that thoughts become things. On Twitter, I hold conversations with the Universe as a way to find some sense of understanding, as a way of learning to listen to and trust myself. Now’s your chance to recount your own journey, no matter in what phase of it you may be, and talk back to the Universe…

This giveaway contains a beautiful journal from TUT for your own “Notes to the Universe,” a mix of the music that titles each blog post on this site, and a pack of tootsie rolls (I hear they make the perfect bribes).


How To Enter: Post a comment below telling us what you’re celebrating this day/month/year with your name and valid email address in the appropriate fields (email address not disclosed). Tomorrow, the recipient will be selected at random and posted here, so keep checking back!

It has been a long road, but one that I can, perhaps for the first time, see a bit more clearly. It’s one I’m glad to be traveling.

And I’m glad to be traveling it with you.

Celebrate every moment, because every moment matters.


Congratulations to Positively Present, recipient of this celebration giveaway!

And a very heartfelt thank you, once again, to each and every one of you for sharing your stories, but, even more, for your friendship.

17 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!”

  1. Happy Almost Birthday! πŸ™‚ It sounds like you’ve come a long way and I’m in the same boat. A year ago I was a mess — an absolute disaster — so today I’m celebrating how far I’ve come in my personal development. I recently had a birthday as well and it’s wonderful to mark our years and to see how far we’ve come in the past 365 days, isn’t it? I love this quote: “Celebrate every moment, because every moment matters.” Over the past few months, I’ve been working hard to live in the present moment and that’s a great quote for living in the present. Today I’m celebrating all of the changes I’ve made in the last year and all of the effort I’ve put into living happily ever after now! πŸ™‚

  2. Yay! Happy (Almost) Birthday! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you over the past few months, and I’m so proud of you for persevering and keeping your head up. As you know, the past year or so has royally sucked in my life, but it’s given me some major perspective. I am grateful for each new day, for my good health, for my friends and family, and so much more. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year filled with smiles and laughter. By the way, the giveaway sounds awesome! Crossing my fingers πŸ™‚

  3. Happy Birthday!! I’m just like you – my birthday signals a new year to me more than New Years does. Here’s to the next exciting phase of your life πŸ˜€ I really loved when you said “this year brought me you” in your post – that was so touching. I don’t comment a lot, but I do keep up with your blog and I know great things are on the way for you πŸ™‚ My birthday is in a few weeks – I’ll be celebrating the end of my quarterlife crisis…I hope!

  4. Oh Susan! Happy Birthday a day early…and of course I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops tomorrow!! I’m celebrating our friendship and the technology that made it happen! When I started twitter and blogging I never imagined that friendship would come out of it. I am so happy that we have become friends!!! Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are πŸ™‚

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  6. Susan, Happy Birthday! My birthday is much like my ‘new years resolution’ I look at it as a milestone for sure.

    This month I’m celebrating my sanity and that there is LIGHT on the other side of the dark tunnel. I like to celebrate the friendships that come in and out of our transient 20’s (I have moved/relocated 3 times so I have friends around the country/world). In the last year especially was my year of social media, beginning (for real) blogging and connecting with amazing people like you. I feel the same way as you do that “this year brought me you.” Pretty powerful stuff. I hope you enjoy your birthday and find many things to celebrate, large and small.

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  8. Happy early birthday, Susan!! What a wonderful and poignant post – I’m glad to hear you’ve come so far in such a short time. And I agree, sometimes birthdays are better for making a fresh start than New Year’s day (unless of course, your birthday is on New Year’s day, than you have a double fresh start). I hope this coming year brings you even more happiness and fabulousness in your life!

    I have had quite a few things to celebrate this past year, but the biggest thing I’m celebrating (and will continue to celebrate in the next few months) is that my husband and I bought our first house!!! We’re in the re-negotiation process and are praying things go our way. We close November 6, just in time for my 25th birthday (the 11th) and our one-year wedding anniversary (the 15th). Lots of reasons to celebrate!

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  10. Susan, I set out on a journey of change back in June of 2008. It’s been a process of steps, but I, too have arrived. My life is in a much better place than it was then. I’m amazed at the friends who are still with me, and I’ve picked up some more amazing friends along the way. The celebration is life itself!

  11. I bought my wife a glass trinket today. At the store where I bought it, the lady behind the counter asked me, “Oh, is it her birthday? Anniversary?”
    To both I said, “No.”
    “Oh, a love gift?”
    I smiled. “Yep. Just ’cause.”
    She smiled back and asked, “How long have you been married?”
    When I replied, “Erm…over 11 years,” she looked a bit shocked, then stated that her husband would hear about this one tonight.
    I’m celebrating today, merely because I can. That’s a good enough reason to do so, I think.

  12. Happy (early) Birthday first off! As I’ve followed your site more closely, I’ve definitely come to appreciate and admire YOU and the path you are forging for yourself. I also love the work that you do on Typescript to challenge creative writers and cultivate a community for us. As for me, I’m happy for lots of things this month. I had my first party at my townhouse (almost a year later,) spent Labor Day on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean, met up with a couple of my online/blog people or chatted/emailed with folks more, will have finished my blog redesign, and have started doing a couple preparatory things for a big change I have coming next summer.

    Yeah, there’s definitely a lot to celebrate…thanks for giving us all the opportunity to do just that!

  13. Happy birthday!

    I am celebrating this semester due to the fact that my hard work is paying off…I’ve been working hard the past three years in college. I am now a senior.

    Last year I took on a lot…three leadership positions in three different student organizations, 18 credit hours and a part time job. Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I was supposed to have a life. Then I moved out of state for the summer (where I knew absolutely nobody and moved in with a roommate I had never met). It was incredibly stressful, but well worth it.

    So I’m celebrating the start of my career and the fact that I am living a great life.

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  15. Thanks to everyone for sharing their celebration story! As I say in the post, this year brought me each of you, and still many others. You have all impacted me, influenced me in such a profound way that can’t be measured, but I believe can certainly be seen and felt.

    To be able to celebrate you — your adventures, your changes, your big and little moments that really aren’t so little at all — has made this ride well worth it.

    Cheers to you…May you continue to celebrate every moment, because every moment matters.

    Note: Entries to the giveaway are now closed; the winner will be posted this evening. Really, you’re all winners in my book πŸ˜‰ Good luck!

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