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Tonight We Drink To Youth

Tonight we drink to youth
And holding fast to truth…

Incubus, Love Hurts

This site has come a long way since its inception back in May. It’s changed and I’ve changed, and I’ve never been more grateful for it all…and most certainly for all of you. To those who have stuck by and supported me, read my rantings and ravings (and ramblings), and offered new perspectives, profound insights, and invaluable advice, tonight I drink to you. (Metaphorically, of course, but I promise the meaning is there!)

Toasting by AndreaPi (flickr)

There’s something to be said for voicing the things you want out loud, writing out your goals, envisioning your dreams…Maybe it’s the whole “thoughts become things” mentality, or maybe it’s simply a useful reminder — a guidepost — for where you want to go, what you want to do, and who you want to be.

Writing has always served as this form of an outlet for me, enabling me to put into words my thoughts and emotions as I attempt to answer those questions. Blogging, it seems, has become a natural extension of that, as I’m able to share a small part of myself and connect with others while I continue to figure it all out. Just where am I going? What is it I really want to be doing?

And then there’s the age-old question of “Who Am I?”

I promise not to go there.

If I can help it.

The fact is, I don’t have all of the answers. But then again, maybe that’s exactly why I have a blog.

I’ve screwed-up, faced rejection, and second-guessed decisions; this blog has taught me to learn from these mistakes, to keep trying, and to not look back in regret. It has allowed me to cement my opinions or change them according to new experiences, perspectives, or reader-insights, as I myself change and grow and learn. It has showcased my strengths and my weaknesses and allowed me to indulge in honest emotion as situations warranted so that I could acknowledge its impact, pick myself up, and move on.

It has reignited a passion and renewed motivation, connected me with an intelligent, warm, and open community, and led to an acceptance of situations, realized dreams, worthwhile adventures, and, most importantly, some difficult lessons learned.

I don’t have all of the answers, and I’m not even close to finding them, but that’s finally okay with me.

Because something else this blog has done is helped me to learn that it’s what you discover about yourself and who you meet along the way that makes this whole journey worthwhile.

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