Notes from the Universe

I’m safe, sound, and smiling back in PA after an adventurous two days of travel home from France. My journey there was wrought with nerves and anxiety and many, many tears. My journey back home, although filled with obstacles to overcome and taking a day longer than expected due to train delays and missed flights, was filled with an “I can do this” attitude and a self-acknowledgement of my own strength, my own independence.

I really do believe now that I can do anything.

But, Universe, if you can let me get over this jetlag before you throw me the Next Great Test, I would appreciate it.

Speaking of the Universe, a fellow writer at the retreat introduced me to Notes from the Universe, daily inspirational (and often funny) reminders tailored specifically to goals you set for yourself. Yesterday’s reminder couldn’t have spoken more clearly:

You do realize, Susan, don’t you, that there have been others – in lifetimes, millenniums, and civilizations past – who have been to some of the same “places” you’ve been to? Yet, they got so scared they lost control, turned away, or flat out quit.
Yep, and they surround you now in the unseen. Your greatest admirers.
The Universe

Indeed, I’m so proud of myself for all that I have done, for not backing out, for not turning away when things got rough, as I so desperately wanted to do. This trip has been a mix of tears and homesickness, of laughter and inspiration, and I feel like a better, stronger person because of it all. The friends I’ve made, the moments we’ve shared, the lessons I’ve learned will always be a part of me, memories to draw upon when I feel I need the strength. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

Still, though, with my dog hogging the bed beside me, it feels pretty good to be home.

Wishing everyone in the states a very Happy Thanksgiving.

What are you grateful for this year?



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