Words Are Only Painted Fire

Blogging is going to be a slow go as recovery from being sick has been, for lack of a better phrase, not happening and we’re still trying to reach a conclusion after a number of misdiagnoses.

Couple that with my grandmother being in the hospital for major surgery, me packing to get ready for my move back home, and getting ready for my trip to France (which I’m determined will happen, although the aforementioned medical issues are dampening that optimism) PLUS my inability to work for more than one or two hours which is causing stress and feeling like I’ve let everyone down and you’ve got one big giant mess. I challenge Math geniuses to tackle that equation.

So, as has been the case for the past month and a half, blogging will be sporadic at best. I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement; I hope that you’ll continue to hang in there with me.

And now for something fun:

I was introduced to Wordle via Andrea’s blog (she used it to examine key words in political speeches; you’re not going to be that lucky here) and am consequently hooked. It’s a fun way to examine my own writing and, possibly, myself in seeing what I write about most and, subsequently, what moves me.


twenty(orsome)things to do

 twenty(or)something (main page)

twenty(or)something (a more accurate depiction of this blog)

Conclusion: I know I really love everything about the word “like.” Oh, and something about change and transformation and learning.

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