Update II

A lot of things going on in my life right now.  Unexpected, unexplained, and, most of all, unwanted.  Why does it seem as if once I get things in order, things go all awry?  Talk about needing to be flexible…Maybe I just haven’t learned my lesson yet.

I’m suddenly grateful for the decisions I’ve recently made and the conclusions I’ve drawn. With everything kind of erupting these past two weeks, I’m actually glad that I’ll be moving home for awhile come October. I think that I really need my family and friends; I need to be at home.

Certain situations have obviously taken precedence, so I apologize for the sporadic posting. I thought there wouldn’t be any new ones for awhile, but then I had to go ahead and start feeling good and be all inspired. Pft. What’s up with that, anyway? If there’s one good thing that came out of it, though, it’s that I wrote a new story. I have no idea how that happened, and it’s still a rough draft, but check it out in the sidebar anyway and feel free to let me know your thoughts. Trust me, as long as I don’t get “OMG you’re writting sucks ass!!1!1!,” I’ll appreciate your feedback — I’m one of those insane writers who actually appreciates constructive criticism

In the meantime, stay happy, stay healthy, but keep moving forward towards your dreams.

And eat some ice cream.  That’s gotta be a remedy for one of the three.

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