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The Long Journey

I’m going to be in Lock Haven over the weekend vising friends and one of my mentors, for lack of a better word.  Julie was actually the director of the writing center while I was a tutor there, and as I’ve kept in touch with her over the past few years, she’s become more of a friend, a confidante.  She actually lives with her mentor, a retired English professor who is quite the spitfire.  I love the two of them dearly and am so excited to be able to catch up with them in person.

It will have been a little over two years since I graduated from school there, and seems to be just as long since I’ve been back, although this really isn’t the case.  I’ve been back, but this time it feels different…This time, I feel torn — so much has happened and yet I also feel as if I have accomplished so little.  I suppose that’s what you get from wanting it to all happen now — you almost feel ashamed of yourself for not being able to say anything but “hey, I quit my job and am now working temporary jobs as I figure out my life.  What are you up to?”

The thing is, though, these little facts are only the basics. It’s true, this is where I stand in the job thread of my life, but so much more than that has happened in the short span of two years.  Quitting my job and taking these temporary assignments has opened doors for me, put me into contact with some incredible people, and taught me skills that I may have never learned otherwise.  It has forced me into reflection, to really think about what course I wish to take in my life.   By going down this path, I’ve been able to fully appreciate the support and love that my family and friends offer, to see with whom I’ve made lasting connections, to emphasize the skills I already have and generate  new ones.  Without these interruptions, these roadblocks, I may have convinced myself that I was satisfied and just given up entirely on my passion —  I would have lost all creativity and I certainly would never believe I could travel abroad for an entire month. 

I’ve found that, strangely enough, everything is interconnected.  And I say strangely in that it is awesome and inspiring.  Every road leads somewhere, and it may not be how you intended to go, but you’ll reach your destination just the same.  And it will be remarkable.

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